Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Rod 8' 3/4 Weight

This is a new rod that I am about to finish up. I normally don't label rods two different weights because I try to focus on a specific line weight. However, with this rod I tried to change that. When I designed it I made the changes for myself in mind. I have been traveling more the last past couple of years and have found that 3 piece rods work better for that. When traveling long distances its harder to travel with a lot of 2 piece rods. So I thought it would be easier to travel with just a couple of rods.

This rod is a combination of two rods. Its basically a 3 weight body with a 4 weight tip. Normally, I would use a .060 to .064 size tip on my 3 weights. This rod has a tip size of .066. Its a very smooth casting rod with a 3 Long Belly line. When I put on the 4 DT line the rod loads all the way to the grip and becomes very powerful. This synopsis is oversimplified, but with the addition of an extra ferrule more goes into the rod than just mixing and matching bodies with tips. I have also added an extra guide to the tip to add more line control.

Along the lines of this rod I am also making myself a rod that will handle 4 weight lines and 5 weight lines with the same parameters in mind. I will post pics of that rod soon.

Here also is a follow up pic to the post on what reels I use. They made them in three different sizes and I like all three sizes.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rod Repair

Sometime ago I began receiving requests to do rod repair. It started with fixing Curt Elder rods. When Curt started building rods the epoxy he used on his ferrules didn't hold up in the long run. That was probably 20 years ago. Now days the technology is quite superior for epoxies.

I have now fixed a range of makers rods. I wouldn't say I do major fixes, but I do ferrules, rewrapping and revarnishing.

Since I use Tung Oil and Linseed Oil on my rods there are longer waiting periods between applications of the varnish. So I like to fill the time with these repairs. In the below photos is a rod I just repaired and sent back to its owner. It was a Charlie Rife rod. I don't know much about this maker, but it was a nice rod and well built. The owner had put it up wet and the moisture had made it under the varnish. Also, the reel seat had swollen up. All issues were fixed and the rod is ready to go!

So far I have been pretty good about posting on a weekly basis. Please keep checking back because I have other posts ready to go and will post them each week. I have some new rods just about done so I will be posting those soon. In my last post I talked about quads. I will also be posting about how the Quinchat beveller does and the process of making quads.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Quads Soon

Last spring I purchased some new items to start making quads again. In the past I made some with Chris Moore. Now I will be doing everything myself. I have a couple of great tapers I am going to start with. My first will be a 4 wt spliced joint rod. I will probably make these in small batches. They will be hollowed into the tips like all of my rods.

I purchased forms and a beveller to do most of the basic work. I went with a Quinchat Beveller. I finally got it setup today and hopefully start running strips in the next couple of weeks.

I chose to go this route versus buying a Morgan Handmill. We will see how it goes and in the future if you see me making a post about my new Morgan Handmill you will know it didn't go so great.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

What Reels Do I Use

I get that question a lot. What reels do I use to fish with? My standard answer is light weight reels. I generally look for the lightest reels I can find. Right now I use Hardy Bougle Lightweights. They were made for the Japanese market and are thought of as some of the nicest reels that Hardy has ever made. They also have an Agate version.

These reels weigh in at the low 3 oz. range. It has taken me several years to collect the few that I have, mostly from Japan. Since so few of these reels where made you will only see one or two come for sale each year.

The main reason I use light weight reels is the performance of the rod. I personally like the feel of the bamboo rod when it has a light weight reel on it. I think you can feel the action much better when the lever and spring are allowed to work properly.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Customer Pic

This weeks post has another customer photo. This one is of a pretty 20" brown trout caught on one of my 8'4" 3 weights. You will also notice that this rod has one of my lightweight reel seats. This rod generally weighs around 3.1 oz. This taper is a faster taper and can easily cast a 3 weight line 50-60 feet if you want.

Please check back every week as I will be posting something new each Sunday/Monday.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekly Posts

I have been pretty busy with rod making and my kids baseball. There hasn't been a lot of time for posts on this page. However, I am going to start putting a new post every Monday. So come back every week for an update on fishing and bamboo fly rods. As you can see I am one day late already.

One thing I will be talking about and showing is an upgrade to some of the components I am using. For instance, I have upgraded my rod tubes. I have went with a mineral bronze tube and gold caps. They are about $25 more than the standard tubes I was using, but I think they look really nice.

This weeks post is a customer pic from back east. The rod in the pic is a 7'3" 4 weight. Its a great little rod. I can count on three fingers how many rods I have made under 8'. For some reason 8' seems to be the magic number for me. I just really don't want to go below that. However, sometimes I get a wild hair and build one.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Customer Pic

Here is a pic from a customer. The rod is a 8' 3 weight and the fish is a Wyoming Cutthroat. I have said this before, but my 3 weights are still my best sellers.