Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Rod 8' 3/4 Weight

This is a new rod that I am about to finish up. I normally don't label rods two different weights because I try to focus on a specific line weight. However, with this rod I tried to change that. When I designed it I made the changes for myself in mind. I have been traveling more the last past couple of years and have found that 3 piece rods work better for that. When traveling long distances its harder to travel with a lot of 2 piece rods. So I thought it would be easier to travel with just a couple of rods.

This rod is a combination of two rods. Its basically a 3 weight body with a 4 weight tip. Normally, I would use a .060 to .064 size tip on my 3 weights. This rod has a tip size of .066. Its a very smooth casting rod with a 3 Long Belly line. When I put on the 4 DT line the rod loads all the way to the grip and becomes very powerful. This synopsis is oversimplified, but with the addition of an extra ferrule more goes into the rod than just mixing and matching bodies with tips. I have also added an extra guide to the tip to add more line control.

Along the lines of this rod I am also making myself a rod that will handle 4 weight lines and 5 weight lines with the same parameters in mind. I will post pics of that rod soon.

Here also is a follow up pic to the post on what reels I use. They made them in three different sizes and I like all three sizes.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


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