Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Carpenter Bros. News

I have been steadily working on orders. In between that I work on design changes and different ideas associated with rod/reel building. Some items that I will be working on in the near future are a new line of fly reels. I am wanting to make a light reel that will balance on a rod like I believe it should. Second, I will introduce the first Carpenter Bros. Quad this summer. It will be a long light rod like I have done on the hex side. It is based on my 8'4" 4 weight taper. Last, I will be coming out with my first spey rod. I would like to come up with a rod that uses alternative ferrules.

On another note Mark H. I am almost done with the 8' 3weight. If you can contact me I would appreciate it. Thanks!


Here I am fishing the Cave Falls section of Yellowstone .