Rods Specifications

I don't have a set line of rods. I make rods between the lengths of 8' and 8'7". Line weights between 2 weight to 6 weight settings. However, with that said I just delivered a rod to a good customer that was an 7'11" 4 weight. I have three sets of tapers within that group of lengths and weights that I use to determine actions. Everyone once in awhile when I have time I will try out a taper of a shorter length, but never end up keeping it.

I have sold more 3 weight rods than any other weight rod. Within in the 3 weight class I make a very nice 8'4" 3 weight. I have also just settled on the taper for my 8'6" length that will be my standard taper for this length.

I do hollow all of my rods! I use an Elder Hollowing Mill to do that. It hollows within hundredth thousands of an inch.

Right now I prefer to make 2 piece rods. If someone wants to make a special order for a 3 piece I do accept those, but with slight increase in price.

My finish is a varnish that consists of Tung Oil and Linseed Oil. This combination I believe will allow the rod to last for many years. I currently hand rub all of my rods with a high density satin finish and the wraps with a high gloss.

I use Snake brand guides on all of my rods and Classic Sporting Enterprise ferrules. My rods come with an agate guide as well. I do have some Mildrum guides so if you like a more classic look I have those available.

If you have have a question about a rod or placing an order, please feel free to call or email me. I always enjoy talking rods.


  1. Cris:

    Do your rods have assigned Model Numbers?

    Scott Z.
    Rapid City, SD

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