Thursday, August 6, 2015

Colorado Cane Conclave

I just got back from Mike Clark's get together and had a really good time. I got to meet lots of good people that like to fish bamboo. I shared a table row with Brian Morrow of B.D. Morrow rods. He makes excellent looking and casting rods. They remind me very much of what a Colorado bamboo rod should look like. Brian's mom makes my rod bags for me and does an excellent job. I have posted some pics of Brian casting my 8'3" 5 weight with composite ferrules.  I would have to say with about 99.9% certainty, that is one smooooooth casting rod!

After the show on Sunday I headed up to fish the Frying Pan for two days. This 5 weight was my go to rod for the trip. I had actually made several new rods to try out on my trip, but I liked this one so much I didn't use most of them. Just means I will have some demos for sale at a discounted price. I appreciate the orders I received while out there. My wait time now is just over a year. I am taking the next month off and expanding my shop. My wife is getting tired of my sander and strip cutter on her side of the garage.

I will be heading to Japan this December for a show in Tokyo. I have several good customers over there and will be glad to meet them. I normally don't make rods under 8', but will start a limited production of shorter rods for the Japanese market.