Monday, December 26, 2011

Rod of the month

This is another 8'4" 3 weight. These usually come in right around 3.25 oz. and are by far my most popular rod. This is headed to Michigan. I have thought about in the past offering a guarantee with my rods that they will catch fish. However, how do guarantee that people catch fish. I think back to several occasions of fishing with people that refused to change tactics when they weren't catching fish. They would somehow always blame everything else. Sometimes I like to throw caution into the wind, so here it goes. My rods are guaranteed to catch fish! I don't charge extra for that.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Demo for sale 8'4" 4 weight

This is an 8'4" 4 weight that I have used as a demo. There are a few signs of usage. Its a medium fast action rod with the flex point right below the ferrules. It comes with a custom bag and an aluminum tube with brass cap. This rod new would cost $800, but I am offering here for $550. Thanks!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Demo For Sale

I have two demos that I am going to be selling. This is the first. Its an 8' 4/5 weight. I prefer it as a 4 weight, but has a good backbone for a 5. It has a very crisp action with the 4 and is what you call "dry fly" action. It has a Spanish Cedar insert with a cap and ring seat. It is blond cane with gold and orange wraps. It is a one tip rod. The reason it was a demo is because I tried a new taper with it on a cane that had some minor blemishes. There is one spot with a water mark and a small glue line in the butt section. It comes with a custom bag and aluminum tube. It still has the plastic wrap on the grip. Please feel free to ask any questions. Price $375

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rod of the month cont.

Just as a reminder, when you purchase a rod from me you get a free t-shirt! Right now my wait is around 11 months. 

The ferrules on a rod have many different variations. They give the builder an opportunity to really get creative. I have seen some rods with engraving that must have taken a month to do. However, I don't go that direction. I like my ferrules and wraps to have flowing lines. That means there will only be two colors and usually with tips and mid wrap on the female side.

One of my reasons for trying to keep the lines clean on my rods is I think it keeps the bamboo more natural. I personally like to see as much bamboo as possible. I don't want my eye drawn to distractions in the rod. Another reason I try to keep my rods simple is because I don't want to charge a lot for a rod. Before I started building I owned numerous pricey rods. They were great rods, but I never felt comfortable with using them, they weren't me. So I hope to always keep my prices right around what a nice graphite would cost. On the flip side of that I don't produce many rods. I have a job that I enjoy and this is a hobby. This year I will have sold 10 rods. I hope this helps my rods keep their value as well.

Here shortly I will have several demos for sale. If you know anyone just getting into bamboo rods or someone that wants a cheaper rod for backup I will have several for sale. These were rods I made up with bamboo that water marks or visual imperfections.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rod of the month cont.

I usually use 13 rings on my grips. For some reason I have always liked this so you could move your casting hand around and it not be hanging off the grip. Myself I like to use very light weight reels. I didn't realize this until last summer when I was out at a bamboo rod event in Island Park. I casted several Per Brandin rods. With very light weight seats and light reels is moves the fulcrum up the rod. I had always wanted to balance a rod in my hand with a reel. However, his rods felt great. At first I thought it was his tapers (and maybe it is), but what I realized is that the butt of the rod is the fulcrum and it feels great! Directly after that I tweaked my tapers to realize this.

On this rod I went with a light green agate to match the wraps. The wraps are light green with crimson tipping. I don't do a lot of fancy wraps because I think it takes away from the beauty of the cane. I love to just sit and look at the rod as I am making it because the bamboo is refreshing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rod of the month

Over the next few days I am going to post some pics of a rod I am about to send out. It is an 8'4" 3 weight. It is hollow built and weighs 3.26 oz. It features my lightweight reel seat with a Spanish Cedar insert. I use the best cork I can buy! This is my version of a full wells grip. I use this on all my rods over 8'.