Monday, December 19, 2011

Demo For Sale

I have two demos that I am going to be selling. This is the first. Its an 8' 4/5 weight. I prefer it as a 4 weight, but has a good backbone for a 5. It has a very crisp action with the 4 and is what you call "dry fly" action. It has a Spanish Cedar insert with a cap and ring seat. It is blond cane with gold and orange wraps. It is a one tip rod. The reason it was a demo is because I tried a new taper with it on a cane that had some minor blemishes. There is one spot with a water mark and a small glue line in the butt section. It comes with a custom bag and aluminum tube. It still has the plastic wrap on the grip. Please feel free to ask any questions. Price $375

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