Friday, January 30, 2015

What Makes My Rods Different

I sat down this week and jotted down a few things that make my rods different. Sometimes different isn't good, so I left those off the list and I will only name the good ones!

  1. My Tapers - I have come up with my own tapers. I developed these with the help of my mentor Curt Elder. 
  2. Varnish - I use one of the best varnishes produced. It costs around $130 for a gallon. I want my rods to last a long time and stand up to the abuse a fisherman puts on it. The varnish I use contains Linseed oil and Tung oil. These two ingredients have proven they will stand up to the test of time. 
  3. 5 Star Cork - I don't like the way that pitted cork looks on a rod. There isn't anything wrong with it, but I like the smoother transition of the better cork. 
  4. Hariki Ferrules - I use these ferrules because I know they are the best! They are expensive and a pain in the butt to get. Yet, they are worth it!
  5. Hollow built - All of my rods are hollow built into the tips. This produces a better action rod. 
  6. Long Rods - My rods are designed to be longer. I want to be able to cast 10' or 80' with the same rod. Shorter rods have a hard time delivering on this.
  7. Reel Seats - I use woods that can't be found most places. I want you to be as proud of your rod as I am. Plus, I don't want it to look like every other rod being made today.
  8. Price - I have never felt comfortable fishing expensive rods or reels. I grew up poor and that has stuck with me I guess. I think that my price is very attractive for what you get in a rod. Most people that offer what I am making have prices much higher than mine. My 8'5" 3 weight is out of this world and for only $1400 that's a steal!
  9. Low # - I don't make that many rods. I don't want to become a slave to my shop. I also don't want to flood the market so that my rods are a give away when you have to resell it. Last year I only made 18 rods. 
  10. Custom - All of my rods are custom built. I change the internal taper to reflect how I want the rod to cast and fish. I DO NOT have one set internal taper that I use on all of my rods. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Update and Customer Pic

Well, I have been very busy in the shop. I have quite a few rods in the works. In about a month I should have some rod pics to post. During the next year I will only be making lightly flamed rods. I am going to hold off on the blondes and darker flamed rods for awhile.

Here is a customer pic from Texas. The rod is an 8'3" 5 weight.