Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rod of the Week

Over the next few weeks I will be posting pictures of rods about to go out to their new owners. This rod is an 8'2" 3 weight. I really like this taper and its one that I haven't made before. It's definitely one I am going to have to make for myself! It has the new Circassian Walnut reelseat with it and I think it looks great with the dark flamed cane. One downside to the walnut seat is the weight. It weighs double what my lightweight seats weigh. However, the looks of it far out weigh any weight issues.

I hope that you can see the details of the finish. I use a high density satin finish on the rod itself. Then on the wraps I use a marine grade high gloss to set the rod off just a little.

I have received numerous orders lately for 1 tip rods. This is an affordable way to purchase a new rod. Right now I am charging $750 for a 1 tip rod. This includes hollow building. I am working on some quad blanks as well. I will have one this fall that is a one tip rod if you are interested.

Also, I will be starting a series of rods that will be 8'4" and 8'5" in length. These rods will be based off of EC Powell tapers. One thing that will be interesting with these rods is that I will be using micro ferrules on them.