Monday, July 27, 2015

Customer Pic

Here is a customer pic of a Carpenter Bros. 8'3" quad. I might be a little partial because its my rod, but that is one sweet looking picture! I will be using my 8'3" quad out in Colorado next week.

I will be leaving for Mike Clark's get together this Friday. I will have a range of rods with me. I will have several different 3 weights, composite ferruled 5 weight, 8'5" 5 weight and a couple of 4 weights.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rod Hollowing

Every so often I get the question about hollowing rods and how I do it. I use a Curt Elder Hollowing Mill. Curt came up with this about 7 years ago and sold a few while he was building rods. The one difference between his and mine is I have set depth controls for butt sections and tip sections. Curt's mill had an external adjustment and depth gauge that you set the mill to. I hollow to certain depths for butt sections and a different depth for tip sections.

I am currently working on a prototype of a 8 wt 8'6" rod with composite ferrules. The blank weight is 3.2 oz. However, with extra cork and a bigger reel seat I am not sure where its going to end up. I hope to have a pic by next weekend of the rod. The taper is based off a parabolic style so I am excited to see how it turns out.

I will be attending Mike Clark's get together the first weekend of August. I hope to have several rods for people to cast.