Wednesday, July 25, 2018


It has taken me a little while to get up to date with social media, but I am now on both Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to send me a request. I only post pictures of fishing and fly rods!

I usually keep one rod at one of the local fly shops for sale. It helps them out and me as well when it sells. The rod below is currently at K & K Flyfishers.

I have changed the way I do rods. I have tried to upgrade some of the finishings and how I do finish the rods. A couple of the changes I have made are: 5 star cork, exhibition grade inserts, custom reel seat hardware, single wrap tipping and Hariki ferrules.

I am still currently at about a year wait. Orders right now will be delivered next summer. This year I will be focusing still on new quad tapers. I am still working on longer light line rods. A couple of tapers in the works are 8'6" 4 weight and 8'4" 3 weight. This will be able to be made in ferruled rods or spliced joint.