Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8' 3 weight

Here is another 3 weight rod I am currently working on. The blank weight with the grip is right at 2.2 oz. After I put everything on it she should come in right above 3 oz. On this rod I am doing something I have never done before. I am putting silver components on a flamed blank. It seems like most people want blued hardware on flamed rods. I have to admit that I really like the color combination!

I have said it here before that I sell more 3 weights than anything else. I have two tapers for a 3 weight rod. The first taper is for a rod from 7'10" to 8'1" and it has a nice crisp medium action. The second taper has a length from 8'2" to 8'6" and is a medium fast action rod that can cast a 3 wt line 50 ft with no problem. Are 3 weights easier than other rods to make? NO! Sometimes I think that I am going to stop making 3 weights because I become frustrated with such fine tips. :- )

I started this rod over a month ago. However, with the finish I use on my rods I have longer dry times than most builders do. I use a combination of linseed oil and tung oil on the rod. The combination of these two items provides a very high density finish. This, I believe, will let the rod have a longer life. Once the blank is finished I hand rub this combination on it at least 6 times. After the varnish is smooth and dried I can start to wrap the rod. On my wraps I use a high gloss finish to provide a nice contrast that highlights all features of the rod.

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