Sunday, December 1, 2013

The 8'6" prototype is complete

Some time ago I had several requests for a 8'6" 4 weight rod. I had always planned on building in this length, but had never gotten to it. However, I can't say that anymore.

This rod is comes in at 3.32 oz. and has a medium fast action. One can use either a 4 wt line on it or a 3 wt depending on what the weather/fishing conditions might be. It does have the new Hariki extra small ferrules on it and they are very nice.

This rod will start going out to customers next week for their approval.

The line I plan on using with this rod is a Terenzio Silk line. This was sent to me by a good friend that loves these lines on my rods. I have never used one of these types of lines before so I am very excited about getting out on the water with it. This line has a designation of 3.5 weight line. So it is suppose to be right between a 3 and 4 wt line. I hope to have a report about this combination later on.

I want to speak briefly about taper platforms. On my rods I have basically three platforms that I make rods off of. The newest will be the 8'5" and 8'6" platform. My most popular rods are on the 8'4" platform and then there is the 8' platform. Obviously since these have different lengths things have to be changed with in the numbers to achieve the feel I like. Also, the platforms have different inside tapers that are achieved through different hollowing. As one can imagine since the longer rods have 6" more material than the shorter rods. Larger pockets are placed in different locations within the rod in order to have a crisp rod that doesn't break down under the casting.

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