Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rod Repair

Sometime ago I began receiving requests to do rod repair. It started with fixing Curt Elder rods. When Curt started building rods the epoxy he used on his ferrules didn't hold up in the long run. That was probably 20 years ago. Now days the technology is quite superior for epoxies.

I have now fixed a range of makers rods. I wouldn't say I do major fixes, but I do ferrules, rewrapping and revarnishing.

Since I use Tung Oil and Linseed Oil on my rods there are longer waiting periods between applications of the varnish. So I like to fill the time with these repairs. In the below photos is a rod I just repaired and sent back to its owner. It was a Charlie Rife rod. I don't know much about this maker, but it was a nice rod and well built. The owner had put it up wet and the moisture had made it under the varnish. Also, the reel seat had swollen up. All issues were fixed and the rod is ready to go!

So far I have been pretty good about posting on a weekly basis. Please keep checking back because I have other posts ready to go and will post them each week. I have some new rods just about done so I will be posting those soon. In my last post I talked about quads. I will also be posting about how the Quinchat beveller does and the process of making quads.

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