Sunday, January 15, 2017

First Quad Spliced Joint

My first quad spliced joint rod is about to go out the door! It has been very exciting to start making quads again. For some reason I really enjoy finishing them out. There is something about the four sides that make them have a clean look.

I have added quads to the side price list. For right now I am only offering spliced jointed rods. These will be made in small batches, generally a different length and weight each year. Right now I will probably make four or five rods a year and each will be the same. Each rod will be numbered to the slot they were made. For example, a rod will be listed as 1 out of 5 or 2 out of 4. All rods will be made to the lightest tolerances.

In the past I have made quads with other builders. From here on out it will be me from beginning to end.

Here is a pic of the first rod. Its a 7' 10" 4 weight. All cork reel seat and aluminum hardware. The total weight on this rod is 2.9 oz.

I plan on getting back on my plan of writing on the blog every week, so please check back frequently. Thanks!

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