Tuesday, January 17, 2012

7'7" 4 weight

This is a 7'7" 4 weight that I am making for myself to replace the first rod I made. The original was a 7'6" 4 weight based on a Payne 98 taper. It was a great rod. That taper is a favorite of a lot of builders. I know some of you know this story already, but I broke my first rod I built out in Colorado last summer. Most of the streams were blown out last year in Colorado because the tremendous amount of snow they received. There were several places that were fishable, but extremely crowded. So we headed up to the famous "Hog Trough" on the Taylor River. I had always heard about how difficult it was to fish here. I guess I was intimidated by the stories so I never made it a priority to fish. Well, we went up there and had a great day. I caught two fish over ten pounds on this rod. I probably should have known something was going to happen with such a good day on the stream. As many a fisherman have done I put my rod on top of the car while getting changed out of my waders. I am sure you know where this is going. I forgot to get my rod off the top of the car. I didn't realize it until we were heading down the mountain and I heard it skidding off the roof. I quickly turned around and saw it bouncing off the highway. I was excited, it looked like the rod was OK. We quickly pulled over and I got out. On my way back to the rod (running up the hill out of breathe) I heard something and I looked up and here came a minivan. It was like slow motion. The rod didn't stand a chance. I probably looked like the father in "A Christmas Story" when his fancy leg lamp was broken by his jealous wife. It must be from France it says "Fragile"! Later that night you could hear the sound of Taps throughout the Rockies.

When I build blonde cane it always reminds me of the two Wojnicki fiberglass rods I once owned. They were beautiful rods! Sometimes I think about those rods and wish I still had them. However, we all evolve as fisherman and they wouldn't suit how I fish today. This rod is based off a EC Powell taper and I am excited to see how it works. It is a fast taper!

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