Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Evolution of the 3 wt!

Well, I didn't think I was going to be able to start this project for awhile, but with a good case of insomnia, but here it is. In the picture is a revamped 8'6" 2 piece 3 wt rod. This is my 8'4" taper, but with two more inches. 

You might think just adding two inches to a rod that's no big deal. The question is where do you stick that two inches? Do you put it at the tip? No, because the tip weight wouldn't hold the line right. Do you put it in the butt, like a lot of guys like? :-) No, because then the rod would become a 4 wt. Maybe you can just hide it somewhere in the middle? That is probably closer of an answer than the first two. I tried to keep the flex point right above the ferrules. In order to incorporate that extra two inches I put one in high in the butt section and the other at the base of the tip. 

I have always wanted one of my 3 wt rods, but never kept one. This one will be mine. I need to have one as a demo as well. I know once that I bought a Winston quad. The area rep for Winston had one and the company set it up so we met and I could cast his rod. This is always nice when you spend this kind of money to test the product out before you purchase. What I will probably do with this rod is send it out to people that want to try my 3 wts. If someone wants to pay for shipping I will send it to them and they can try it out. 

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